A Series of Gas Furnace Reviews

3It can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends, so it is fortunate that others have taken it upon themselves to review gas furnaces in order to make shopping a bit easier for the rest of us. The following contains a few good examples of gas furnace reviews in order to get you off to great start and introduce you to a few of the better known makes and models.

In our list of gas furnace reviews, we will start with the popular York brand. One of the more noteworthy offerings of this company is the Latitude Series. While this is an excellent series of units, one of the drawbacks is the poor warranty. It can be extended however with the Yorkcare program. In addition there is the Affinity 9C which is a modulating unit that makes it easy to achieve the maximum in comfort.

Another manufacturer that offers an excellent product is Winchester. With this company you get a twenty year warranty. They also offer the WUT series which has a longer warranty and features a 2 stage operation. The only real drawback is that they do not have a variable speed blower, but this is not a necessity.

Whirlpool is a household name, so you would expect this company to have a lot to offer when it comes to furnaces. However, their units do have some issues. For one thing, they offer a poor warranty that only lasts for 5 years and only covers the heat exchanger. It is best to look elsewhere.

Westinghouse on the other hand features a better warranty that will cover the heat exchanger for up to ten years. These units also make use of Smartlite control which will extend the life of the surface igniter.

Trane is another brand name that is well known. They feature a weak warranty that must be extended if you want to truly keep your purchase protected. These units also have a slightly longer lifespan due to the use of an adaptive igniter control. While the XB series leaves a lot to be desired, the XC95 makes up for it by using a three stage heat and being able to communicate with other HVAC components.

In order to learn more about the different units that are on the market, it is a good idea to check out some more gas furnace reviews before making your purchase. There are several excellent web sites and publications that review gas furnaces so you should have no difficulty finding the information you need to find the best model for your needs. In addition, you may even want to consider speaking to a licensed HVAC professional who may have some suggestions for you.